Copenhagen Collage Class in August

I’m real happy to announce that my 5-day collage course (PAPER, SCISSORS, GLUE) at The Danish School of Media (Mediehøjskolen) will take place August 22 – 26 in Copenhagen. Find more information here.


Last year I taught the class for the first time, and I was honestly surprised how much fun I had. The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive as well, so I’m not shy to call the class a great success.

The class is strictly hands-on and non digital. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the class room is the absence of computers. What you will see is piles of colored paper, vintage magazines, old photographs, exotic graphic fragments and other irresistible visual leftovers. Plus a bunch of busy people with glue on their fingers.












Every morning a new assignment is given and the day is spent creating beautiful art, which also happens to be solutions to the graphic problem of the day. The creative activity is only interrupted by Powerpoint presentations, group feedback and delicious lunches in the school’s cafeteria. No wait, there’s also afternoon coffee and treats.

Last year the quality of the students’ work was very high. Editorial illustrations, portraits and all other forms of collage surprised even the creators themselves (not to mention the teacher) with their beauty and originality.

Here are some examples:

There is still room in the class, so please join us and sign up if you can make it!

See some of my own collages here, here and here.





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